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WEDDING shamers have slammed a cake for its extremely rude design. 

The white creation looked romantic from first glance, with pretty blue flowers and the words “to have and to hold” written on the top tier. 

A couple's wedding cake has been slammed for it's dodgy-looking design


A couple’s wedding cake has been slammed for it’s dodgy-looking designCredit: FACEBOOK/that’s it, I’m cake shaming

However, when you looked down at the base, it becomes apparent that the couple may have been referring to something other than supporting each other.

The bottom of the cake features a model of a hand holding a phallic-looking object that looks very dodgy indeed. 

Whether it was added by the bride or groom or a cheeky guest as a practical joke, the cake is sure to have raised some eyebrows at the wedding. 

A photo of the cake was posted on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Cake Shaming, and has racked up numerous comments. 

People were quick to take the comments and slam the rude cake


People were quick to take the comments and slam the rude cakeCredit: FACEBOOK/that’s it, I’m cake shaming

One person wrote: “I was thinking that was a nice cake, and then I saw ‘the hands.’”

Another social media user added: “I was like “oh ok tacky but not the worst i’ve seen” and then I audibly gasped.”

And a person commented: “Have some respect for other people. I would never want to be with my mother or grandmother and see this.”

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