Viswanathan Anand hopes for cake and a quiet birthday with my family – Economic Times

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Five-time Chess World champion Viswanathan Anand turns 50 today. A few days ago, he shared his plans for the day with ET Panache.

“I hope to have a quiet birthday with my family. There will be some events definitely. I will be talking about the book (Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life by Viswanathan Anand as told to Susan Ninan). But I hope to have a nice quiet celebration and that will be best. I hope there is a cake planned. Akhil (his son) also enjoys a nice cake. So it will be fun,” he said.

Yesterday, Anand shared an image of himself with Akhil on Twitter sampling some cake mix. The scene looked like one out of their home. He captioned it, “Partners in crime! Yes there’s cake tomorrow!”

Last year, Akhil gave his father a handmade card with a painting of the two on it. This year surely the 8-year-old will have some special gift for his ‘Appa’.

The Grand Master spends quality time with his son watching movies. The last movie the duo watched together was the new Lion King. “It gets my mind off for a few hours and is welcome. Though recently I seem to be in the kid’s section (laughs). I watch a fair amount of movies,” he added.

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