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This is the third time chief stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck has worked on Valor. She was first acquainted with the yacht during season 4 when she worked with chef Ben Robinson.

Later, she worked with chef Matt Burns on Valor during season 5. Now the crew is back on the boat and this time she’s trying to work with chef Kevin Dobson. Even though she’d sometimes be at odds with Robinson, Chastain and Robinson had a pretty good understanding. She also had a good working relationship with Burns. In fact, the two never argued even though he sometimes struggled in the kitchen.

Kate Chastain
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But now she is having chef Leon Walker flashbacks with Dobson. The two got off to a rough start and haven’t seemed to find any groove. Dobson constantly complains about how she leads her team and has even pushed his way into her department. She recently discussed a “first” for her when it came to Dobson. Plus, who actually gets to make the rules? Is Dobson a higher rank than Chastain?

Dobson claimed the downstairs fridge as his own

Chastain shared that she knows Valor very well. “I’ve worked on motoryacht Valor,” Chastain says in the Below Deck After Show. “It’s my third year. I know this boat, I’ve worked on this boat with three different chefs. Kevin’s the first chef that has been like, with the downstairs fridge, ‘This is my fridge.’”

But Dobson insists he took over the fridge because he is the one who maintains it. “To be honest, I just kind of f**king snapped,” Dobson recalls. “First off, it’s like yeah, it’s a crew fridge. But its like you don’t clean it, I clean it.” Bosun Ashton Pienaar adds, “No, it’s not a crew fridge,” he says. “There’s another fridge in the crew mess. That is your fridge.”

“I’m like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ Cause you know, on the boat a lot of the refrigeration was broken so I was struggling,” Chastain says. Captain Lee Rosbach agrees. “And Kevin was rude.” Stew Courtney Skippon says Dobson doesn’t share very well with others. “Kevin is truly is so stingy with how he fills the fridge. It’s not like he’s ordering masses of provisions that he needs all the fridge space for.”

So who should be able to call ‘dibs’ on the downstairs fridge?

Dobson reveals that the fridge is very personal to him. “Every time someone opens the fridge door, not only are they looking into the fridge, but they are looking at like, kind of my personality,” Dobson says. “If everything’s f**king everywhere, then they’ll be like, ‘This chef is disgusting!’” Pienaar laughs at how Dobson compares what is in the fridge to his personality.

‘It’s actually sad for me because I knew he had OCD tendencies and he was overcompensating,” Chastain says. But a producer wants to know who gets to call the shots due to rank? “A lot of chefs come into a yacht and they think that they’re above the chief stew,” Rosbach explains.

“I think it’s lateral,” Chastain says. Rosbach agrees. Pienaar says that Dobson isn’t below Chastain in rank. “But nor [am I] above her either,” Dobson says. “But put your egos aside,” Pienaar says. “It’s not about you Kate. It’s not about you Kev. It’s about the guests. Everybody needs to get their s**t together and work together as a team for the better of the charter.

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