Can We Talk About How Much This Birthday Cake Chrissy Teigen Got Her Mom Looks Like A Bowl Of Pho? –

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People who bake cakes are magicians. Like, you mean you just turned a pile of ingredients into this beautiful tower of deliciousness? While many of us are impressed by a simple birthday cake, some bakers take it to the next level, making illusions and more complicated creations with their cakes. Take, for instance, this truly bonkers cake Chrissy Teigen got for her mom.

The cake is made to look like a big bowl of pho, complete with jalapeños, a lime, and chopsticks holding up a big bite of noodles…but everything was made with cake and fondant. Chrissy shared videos of the cake and tagged her mom Vilailuck “Pepper” Teigen, but in case you couldn’t tell it was for her, one of the videos showed that there was a mini portrait of her mom with the words “Happy Birthday Pepper” at the bottom. The “wrapper” of the chopsticks even read “Pepper’s Kitchen” on it.

Chrissy shared a few videos of the cake, including one where someone cuts into it and honestly, it will blow your freakin’ mind. Seriously, how is this made of cake? People couldn’t take it.

If you’re wondering who to credit for such an amazing cake, look no further than the masters at Charm City Cakes, who posted some additional photos of this beauty.

Even though it’s impressively decorated, it’s still cake so it’s gotta taste good too! Luckily, Chrissy also shared videos where most of the cake had been devoured and even showed her son Miles loving his bite of cake. Because that’s what birthdays are all about. HBD, Pepper!

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