Nick Dhers transforms west side Le Spice into Pecan Pie Bakery – Spartanburg Herald Journal

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Nick Dhers is back to doing what he loves best – baking fresh desserts for customers in Spartanburg.

He’s transformed LeSpice Restaurant and Bakery at 8881 Warren H. Abernathy Highway into Pecan Pie Bakery. A few months ago, he bought the domain name and started a restaurant-style dessert delivery business.

Pecan Pie Bakery still has a dining room, serving sandwiches and soups. Dhers said his company has grown from two employees to 22 employees over the past three years.

“The markets are changing, and we are diversifying,” Dhers said. “I am a baker by trade and wanted to get back to making all these desserts and do what I want to do.”

Dhers continues to own and operate Le Spice Downtown on East Main Street and the eatery, Baber-Rhyne, on Magnolia Street.

Pecan Pie Bakery began its delivery service for Thanksgiving and is expected to continue taking orders through the holidays and beyond.

“We’ve sold a bunch of pies so far and people like the convenience,” Dhers said. “People can order a birthday cake online from their phone or tablet.’

The bakery also allows customers to order cakes in the store through a tablet. Dhers said the online market continues to grow.

“I always had this idea for people to order imported desserts and have them delivered to their house in Spartanburg,” he said.

Dhers said customers can continue to enjoy Le Spice Downtown, however, the menu at the Warren H. Abernathy Highway location will feature different menu items under the Pecan Pie Bakery name.

All of the desserts made for Le Spice Downtown and the eatery at Baber-Rhyne will come from Pecan Pie Bakery.

A private dining room at the bakery has been converted into a baking room. The bakery’s main floor still has a dining room. Dhers said the bakery is one of the few artisan bakeries in Spartanburg.

Laura Childers of Spartanburg is among several employees working at the new Pecan Pie Bakery.

“I will hopefully learn a lot from him (Dhers),” Childers said. “The way he makes desserts is from scratch and there aren’t many more who do things that way.”

Pecan Pie Bakery is offering free deliveries for Spartanburg and Greenville counties on Dec. 23 and Dec. 24.

Dessert menu items include a Vanilla Pound Cake, Fruit Tart, Yule Logs, Macarons, Lemon Meringue, Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

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