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ROCKLAND, Maine (WABI) – “White frosting glaze, cherries, and pecans.”

Susan Schiro says she never saw herself in the restaurant and bakery business but is glad she jumped in feet first.

Susan Schiro, the owner, says, “I have never been in the restaurant business and it has been a true experience and a good experience and I am very happy I am here.”

Susan and her husband own Home Kitchen Bakery, located just a few blocks from their restaurant Home Kitchen Cafe.

They originally opened the bakery to make their home-made bread.

Susan says, “We primarily needed it to bake our bread and our sticky and cinnamon buns which we are kind of famous for. So, everything just evolved from there.”

Now, the bakery has been open three years and has grown rapidly.

Susan offers subs and sandwiches along with her wide variety of sweets.

Susan says, “We have a very high standard for what we produce. We produce everything from scratch. We don’t skimp on product, We use excellent quality flours, real butter, very good quality milk, and cream and it all comes together for the final product and that shows where our customers keep coming back over and over again.”

Not only is everything made from scratch but Susan also tries her best to always shop local.

Susan says, “We use local blueberries, we use local apples. Some of my staff actually have orchards that have pears and peaches so that we can use unsprayed and organic produce which is what we really like to use the most.”

While there is a sweet for everyone, a favorite for many is the cream horn.

Susan also adds, “My favorite pastry is probably the cream horn which is a true bavarian cream and that is made with our house-made pastry cream that we then include house-made whipped cream so it is not overly sweet it is more of a European style.”

While Susan loves to decorate the cookies and learn new things every day she says it’s the customers that mean the most.

She says, “I love our customers. They’re incredible. They have supported us through thick and thin, through good times and bad.”

You’ll find Home Kitchen Bakery at 606 Main Street in Rockland.

They’re open Tuesday through Saturday 8-4.

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