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Every now and then we come across a hilarious video on the internet that we have never seen before, today is one such day.

A video of a monkey stealing a birthday cake has been going viral and for all the right reasons.

The 21-second clip that was shared on Twitter with the caption, “He saw his chance and took it,” shows a man cutting a chocolate cake on his birthday in a natural reserve when a monkey steals the cake.

The man celebrating his birthday cuts the cake while his relatives and friends sing the birthday song for him, the moment he cuts a piece and picks it up in order to feed his friends, a monkey comes out of nowhere and grabs the entire cake.

The monkey instantly runs and takes the remaining cake with him to the top of a tree while the people around are still trying to comprehend what just happened. The laughs at the end of the video are the best part.

After the video was posted, it went viral, garnering more than 313.2k views and over 6.7k likes. But the comments on the thread are equally hilarious.

One user shared the video in reverse, which is equally rib tickling.

Another user wrote, “The real tragedy is how we as a species can’t come up with a better birthday song.” This is a real concern.

What do you think of the video?

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