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Inside Scott’s II restaurant on Saturday morning, the chefs were busy cooking up the food for their customers. Outside, there was a long line of people waiting to get inside, so they could get their favorite meal one last time. 

“It’s the best breakfast sandwich in the market, so that’s the reason to keep coming back here. We’re at the market every week, winter, and summer, and that’s the place we go,” said Jim Olinger, a customer.

Scott’s II is a family-owned business that’s been in the public market since 1991. The family says in addition to the food, people come for the camaraderie.  

“And a lot of people come not only for the sandwich but for the experience of just being around a happy family that sticks together and works together and doesn’t have any problems,” said Jannie Scott-Thornton, the owner. 

Many customers came to Scott’s II as a tradition on weekends. Some say they are sad to see the restaurant close. 

“We moved here from Kansas City and this was one of the first places we discovered. Especially in the warmer weather, this is what we do every Saturday. We’re sad, but happy for the family,” said Aleta Anthony, the customer. 

Jannie Scott-Thornton says the family loves the community and had a great time running the business. They decided to close because she wanted to retire. 

“We thank the vendors and the customers. They’re all like family. We thank them for participating and working with us. We had a wonderful experience here at the market. We think it’s a great place,” Jannie Scott-Thornton said. 

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