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HighlightsMany of our everyday foods may not be good for health.There are many ways to make these foods at home in a healthy way.There are many healthy swaps available to include in your healthy dietThere are many foods in our diet that we consider as staple and consume them more often than we realise. Bread, soft drink, biscuit – convenient foods like these form a part of our everyday ritual. They seem to be completely harmless when we eat them in oblivion; but the fact is that many of such foods are not really good for our health. Fraught with improper nutrition from sugar, refined foods, saturated fats, preservatives, food additives etc; these so called ‘everyday foods’ may not be actually good for everyday consumption. But, how do we live without these foods that were not an occasional binge and have always been an intrinsic part of our diet? Thankfully, many of these foods can be easily made at home with healthy substitutes. Yes, if we really look around, we can find genius alternatives to make the foods that we love in a healthier way. Here are some ideas to get you started.(Also Read: 5 Healthy Alternatives For Candies That Your Kids Will Love)brown bread vs rotiBrown bread can be used to replace white bread. If you are used to start your mornings with a hearty sandwich, we won’t ask you to give up on your habit. Just discard white bread made of refined flour and opt for healthier versions of bread like whole-wheat bread or multi-grain bread. You can use healthy flours to make other foods like pancakes and desserts. Milk creamer is a favourite with coffee lovers who like their drink creamy. They can opt for coconut milk, vanilla extract and maple syrup instead. And, if you can’t do without carbonated drinks for that much-needed energy boost, try to drink green tea, kombucha or lemon tea instead. Homemade granola bars made with oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits, are an excellent substitute for store-bought biscuits.There are many other ways you can eliminate unhealthy foods from your everyday diet and replace them with healthier options. 

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