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Boris Johnson’s diet consists solely of chlorinated chicken washed down with the salty tears of the disadvantaged. But in order to get himself elected he had to pretend to like normal things, too. What did he claim he couldn’t get delivered to Downing Street due to security concerns?

When Marc Veyrat’s restaurant La Maison des Bois was stripped of a Michelin star, he didn’t take it too well, bless. To what did he compare the experience?


It was the food hit of the year, largely because it made Piers Morgan cry. But what was the key ingredient in Greggs’ vegan sausage roll?


A video prank that joyously combined “food” with “er, is that child cruelty?” went viral this year – what did it involve?

What did pub chain JD Wetherspoon add to its menu in October?


Men used to tell women to get back in the kitchen. Now they want them out of it. For what reason did Marco Pierre White say he preferred male chefs?


No, it’s not a Richard Littlejohn fever dream: what did some London councils decide to ban this year?

The climate crisis was officially proven to be a bad thing this year thanks to which disturbing effect in the UK?


Meat from animals is sooo last year. And so, apparently, is meat from plants. So what did one ambitious Californian startup claim it could make meat out of this year?

There was an outbreak of “Sacré bleu!” on the patisserie scene when the new owners of Patisserie Valerie revealed which cost-cutting measure that had previously been in place at the beleaguered bakery?


You got…

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