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Pasta, although originated from Italy, has stolen many hearts in India, China, USA and other countries. People try out several types of Pastas and visit many restaurants to satisfy their taste buds completely. This pleasing Italian dish can be prepared in three simple steps. Here is a quick, elegant and simple recipe of Aglio Olio Pasta-

Ingredients required for preparing Aglio Olio Pasta

  • 450 grams of uncooked spaghetti
  • Six cloves of thinly sliced garlic
  • Half cup of olive oil
  • Quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes for enhancing the taste
  • Salt and fresh black pepper
  • Quarter cup of chopped fresh Italian parsley
  • One cup of finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

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Instructions to prepare Aglio Olio Pasta

Step one:

Start boiling a large pot of lightly salted water. Now, start cooking spaghetti in the same boiling water. Keep stirring it occasionally until it is cooked properly (it should be firm to the bite). Allow it to boil for about 12 minutes. Drain the excess water and transfer to the boiled pasta bowl.

Step Two:

Now, combine garlic and olive oil in a cold skillet. Cook it over medium flame to slowly toast garlic. Let it cook for at least ten minutes. Then, keep the flame on medium-low when bubbles start erupting in olive oil. Also, make sure to cook and stir until garlic is golden brown for another five minutes. Switch off the stove.

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Step Three:

As the preparation is ready, start to stir red pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt into the pasta. Then, pour in olive oil and garlic, and sprinkle on Italian parsley and half of the amount of finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Keep stirring until it is mixed properly. After the mixture is ready, serve the Aglio Olio pasta topped with the remaining grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

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