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A new family bakery is ready to serve locally produced baked goods to hungry Chippewa Falls foodies.

Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes is a newly opened bakery in downtown Chippewa Falls with an itch to serve quality goods with a family touch.

A ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony was held Monday morning at the cozy location nestled on West Spring Street in downtown Chippewa Falls. The store was packed with eager customers and supporters.

The new bakery is owned by married couple Nicholas and Kristen Wiener. The location’s name and origin were inspired by Nicholas’ late father, who inspired him to first enter the kitchen professionally.

“We couldn’t have done this without the love and support of my family, especially my mom and dad,” Wiener said. “We named Josef’s after my dad, who had a restaurant in Texas with the same name, and he loved the food business. He lived to cook. I grew up working with and under him and he was my mentor and my best friend. I just wanted to follow in his footsteps, and I didn’t know I’d be opening up a bakery when I did it because I was trained as an executive chef, but I guess I became a pastry chef in the end.”

The menu at Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes consists of a wide variety of products aimed at pleasing palates.

The location offers a variety flavors of cheesecake cupcakes with different toppings, homemade breads including sourdough and pumpkin, soft drinks and macarons.

More products are being added to the menu as the store expands and comes into its own.

Mayor Gregory Hoffman said the city of Chippewa Falls is eager to take advantage of the new small business as the desire for a new bakery has been lingering in the community.

“The coffee is great this morning, so if we were to judge the future success of a business by how good their coffee is then they will do very well,” Hoffman said. “Everybody is really excited about having a bakery back in Chippewa Falls. I want to thank them for their confidence in the community and we are looking forward to having them in the city for many years.”

Ben Lane, Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce board chair, said businesses in the food industry need to have one key aspect of their business to be successful and Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes may just have it.

“They have a business which is unique in that its success is based on how things taste,” Lane said. “By the way everything looks, they’re going to do well. I want to congratulate their family on the opening of their new business, and the Chamber and I want to wish them many years of success.”

After 30 years of working as an executive chef, Nicholas Wiener said getting to honor his late father by opening the bakery is something words can’t describe.

He said he and his family are thankful for the opportunity to open the doors of Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes every day and put smiles on faces through baked goods.

“We are really glad to be here, and without the support we’ve received so far it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone who came and we are looking forward to the future.”

For more information on Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes, you can visit its website

“I didn’t know I’d be opening up a bakery when I did it because I was trained as an executive chef, but I guess I became a pastry chef in the end.” Nicholas Wiener, co-owner of Josef’s

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