Vegan influencer is now a hunter-gatherer teaching people to kill animals – New York Post

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A zealous vegan who became an influencer in the raw-food movement has made a drastic change to his lifestyle — becoming an internet-famous hunter-gatherer teaching people to kill animals for food.

Daniel Vitalis, 42, gave up meat as a teenager and was vegan for 10 years, becoming a popular speaker espousing the extreme diet.

He dumped veganism five years ago, however, after reading a book that convinced him animal foods were crucial for a healthy diet — telling The Boston Globe that the switch came in the middle of a vegan speaking tour.

“I would get up on stage and unravel the problems with the vegan diet,” he told the paper of his new belief-system. “Pretty soon I got kicked out of the nest.”

Vitalis soon became equally as zealous about the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, driving with the license plate “HNTGTHR,” starting a podcast and becoming an online influencer for a completely new crowd.

Instead of raw-foods, his Instagram now showcases carefully curated images of animals and fish he has killed as well as how he preps them for meals at home in Maine.

His most recent post even celebrated how he personally caught the lobsters and halibut used to feed guests at his wedding to wife Avani, a French-Canadian teacher.

Vitalis’ house in Bridgton is full of skulls and weapons and has freezers packed full of meat from his kills in what the Globe called “a vegan’s nightmare.”

He is now hoping to become an even bigger star with an online video series called “Wild Fed” that promises to teach people the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

“There needs to be somebody who gathers this into the modern world, and I care more about getting this message to soccer moms than I do about living in a teepee,” he told the Globe of his carefully packaged product.

“What people miss about all this is that I’m not into eating bad-tasting food,” he told the paper.

“People assume that the reason we stopped eating wild food is because it doesn’t taste as good, but that’s simply not true. It tastes better and it’s more nutritious.”

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