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Return of authentic recipes

Indians have historically valued pure, freshly cooked and homemade meals, thus borrowing the eating out trends from the West. Therefore, dishes that are cooked from scratch which have an origin of their own are trending. Consumers are frequently experimenting. However, food with regional influences has a value of its own. Lost authentic recipes with originality and stories of nostalgia are being demanded more than ever. Kitchens with flavourful dishes from around the country are becoming a popular trend. This is the time for regional Indian cooking. The meat-free and vegan revolution is already on a culinary roll.

– Batra is the owner of Delhi restaurants including Dhansoo Cafe, Cafe Delhi Heights and Nueva


Focus on healthy food

When it comes to new trends in dining out, customers are switching over to healthy and natural food (pesticide-free) more than ever. With the urban lifestyle changing the way we eat, more people will look for one-pot meals. I deem that from 2020 onwards, it is going to be quite challenging for us chefs because of the new FSSAI regulations, imposing lot of restrictions on imported ingredients. That is why more chefs will have to curate a menu with locally available ingredients.

– Chef Prem is Executive Chef, The Imperial New Delhi


Local produce ruled

Sustainability grew in popularity in 2019, which is a positive change as outlets invested more in changing the way food is approached. Local, fresh ingredients ruled and sustainable packaging increased in popularity. Craft cocktails became omnipresent and locally crafted liquors gained momentum. Delivery has also gained big popularity. In 2020, people can look forward to many more regional-specific cuisine restaurants opening up.

– Khanna is cofounder and director, Azure Hospitality


Global taste comes to India

Pan asian, Japanese, Asian cuisine’s – rise of sushi bars, gourmet Ingredients and international flavours, the Indian food industry is at its peak. With a population that has developed a taste for different cuisine’s apart from traditional Indian fare, Indians are enjoying a plethora of cuisine’s. With deep pockets, evolved palates and even deeper aspirations, diners like being served with international ingredients & tastes which remind them of foreign travels.

– Sukhija is the director of First Fiddle Restaurants that own Plum by Bentchair, Drgaonfly and Lord of the Drinks


Small plates

Scales are shifting towards small plates and the concept of tapas style menus where diners get to experience a large array of dishes, while not filling themselves to the brim, will take precedence. Tapas style menus are a trend that many restaurants have started adopting in recent times and something that we see picking up both in the Indian as well as the international restaurant space. Use of fresh produce – locally sourced vegetable and fruits – have become a norm and many chefs and restaurateurs have already begun their own small farms as an extension of the restaurant or away from it.

– Kalra is the director of Massive Restaurants

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