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Cake order gone wrong goes viral

(Left) The cake used as a model for the cake Dana Pierre received (centre and right) from Oh Yum Yumm.  -
(Left) The cake used as a model for the cake Dana Pierre received (centre and right) from Oh Yum Yumm. –

If you have been on Facebook within the past 24 hours, you may have seen memes and jokes about a basketball-themed cake.

On Saturday night, a Facebook post by Dana Pierre went viral. She complained about a cake she ordered from a small business called Oh Yum Yumm for her partner’s birthday, as it was far from what was requested. She attached two photos — the cake she wanted a replica of and the one she got.

Several users joined Pierre in her outrage about the $550 cake.

So early December I ordered a cake (on left) to be received on Christmas Eve. After looking for some place that can…

Posted by Dana Tinijah Pierre on Saturday, December 28, 2019

The post said, “The specifications I suggested and literally nothing was similar!

“The cake was less than five inches and I specifically asked for eight to ten inches. The ball was out of foam and not cake. Cheeseballs were used as (decorative) balls. The nets were made out of literal paper. The cake was smudged.”

She said was only offered $350 as compensation.

But in another Facebook post, Oh Yum Yumm denied several claims made by Pierre, saying it had screenshots and WhatsApp voice notes to prove it.

The business claimed Pierre agreed to accept a six-inch cake and agreed to the use of corn curls in place of fondant. It also claimed it was made clear the basketball section of the cake would not be edible.

Addressing the situation that’s currently circulating.
1. I have all the messages to prove what I’m about to say.

Posted by Oh Yum Yumm on Saturday, December 28, 2019

“After all of that was said, you said, voice note to prove, ‘Make whatever changes and design of cake, I just want a basketball and a net and his initials KP.’

“You never said you needed a cake to share amongst a lot of people and needed a big cake.”

The post claimed Pierre saw the cake before it was delivered and said she was pleased.

“You had the cake for eight-plus hours and then decided to message me cussing and threatening to bring police, for what reason? Till now I do not know.”

Screenshots of private conversations between both parties were later shared to the business page.

But users continued to side with Pierre despite this post, calling the business unprofessional for posting the screenshots.

One commenter said, “As a cake decorator you are tasked with the responsibility to advise customers accordingly Firstly, even though she may have asked for inedible stuff, it is supposed to be food. If you cannot get food safe, then tell them it has to be edible and if they can’t afford it, then lose a customer, but no you rather embarrass yourself.”

The fiasco even brought the creation of a #CheeseballChallenge where users posted pictures of a pastry or other food items surrounded by cheese balls, similar to the cake.


Posted by Elizabeth Wheeler on Sunday, December 29, 2019

#CheeseballChallenge ???

Posted by Aleya Williams on Sunday, December 29, 2019

Posted by RTN on Sunday, December 29, 2019

The posts also reached international entertainment news website The Shade Room on an edition of What I Asked For vs What I Got.

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