Rusev Jumps out of Cake, Shock Liv Morgan Reveal Highlight #LanaLashleyWedding – Bleacher Report

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In a completely unexpected turn of events, Monday night’s nuptials between Lana and Bobby Lashley didn’t go according to plan.

Raw was supposed to close with Lana marrying Lashley. Instead, Lana’s first husband and Lashley’s first wife interrupted the proceedings. Then Liv Morgan returned to proclaim she was in love with Lana, sparking a brief brawl between the two.

Rusev had the last laugh, popping out of a conspicuously human-sized cake to attack Lashley.

It would appear the rivalry between Rusev and Lashley will continue through at least the Royal Rumble on Jan. 26, and Morgan’s involvement sets up a possible mixed tag team match that includes Lana.

The outcome of Raw was entirely predictable the moment WWE announced the wedding, an event that’s always the kiss of death for budding romances in professional wrestling.

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