Papa John’s Extra Cheesy Alfredo Garlic Parmesan Pizza Is Its Cheesiest Pizza Yet –

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Papa John’s threw out the rule book back in November when it made two additions to its six-ingredient pizza dough for the very first time in its 35-year history. By adding its signature garlic sauce and artisan Parmesan-Romano to the storied recipe, the pizza chain created a new Garlic Parmesan Crust.

After really upping the ante with garlic, it was time for Papa John’s to push the envelope with a new ingredient: cheese. Cheese lovers, rejoice, because Papa John’s just introduced what could be its cheesiest pizza ever: the Extra Cheesy Alfredo Garlic Parmesan Pizza.

The base of this pizza is the new Garlic Parmesan Crust, which is topped with Alfredo sauce and a special four-cheese blend. Like always, Papa John’s signature Garlic Sauce and pepperoncini come along for the party in every single pizza box.

Even better is the price of this specialty pizza: You can currently order a large for just $10 from participating locations by using the promo code “EXTRA.” And if you’re still concerned about not getting enough cheese in every bite, worry not. You can customize your pizza by adding even more cheese for an additional cost.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaq joined Papa John’s Board of Directors in March, investing in nine franchises in the Atlanta-area at the same time. The move came nearly a year after founder John Schnatter resigned as the company’s chairman after admitting to using a racial slur in a meeting.

“Papa John’s is building a better culture,” Shaq said when he came on board, “and I want to be a part of improving the company from the inside out.”

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