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Pound cake is many people’s go-to recipe for a quick and easy-to-make sugar fix. I personally love it as a breakfast cake with coffee.

However, with the addition of a few more ingredients and this recipe for

Nutella cream cheese pound cake from

, you can elevate the humble, plain pound cake to a decadent dessert.

The recipe was submitted by user Buckwheat Queen. According to the recipe’s author, adding Nutella, cream cheese, and plain yogurt to typical pound cake ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs will result in a pound cake that is as creamy and dense as the typical butter-laden one. Thanks to the cream cheese and yogurt, it also has a rich and tangy flavor.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Nutella fan (and who isn’t?) the hazelnut spread’s nutty cocoa flavor adds a chocolatey richness that is just heavenly. Instead of being a mere vehicle for a strawberry shortcake topping or chocolate glaze, this Nutella cream cheese pound cake can take center stage on a dessert table all by itself.

Here is a photo of a Nutella pound cake, courtesy of the Cakes Sweets & Treats Bake Shop’s Instagram account:

The recipe itself is easy to make; the hardest part will be waiting for the cake to cool down after


so you can cut yourself a slice!

Take note: Although some traditional pound cakes call for mixing together just four ingredients, this recipe also calls for baking powder and the less common ingredient vanilla bean paste. However, if you don’t have vanilla bean paste sitting around in your kitchen, know that you can

substitute an equal amount of regular vanilla bean extract

instead and it will work just as well.


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Yum! We can’t wait to try this one out!

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