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Galva, Ill. (KWQC) – TV6 recently shared the story of the Special Kneads Bakery in Galva, Illinois.

Caleste Bricker, 17, asked Frankie Cortes, 18, to prom on his birthday at the Special Kneads Bakery. (KWQC)

A mom opened the bakery to make sure her son with cerebral palsy has a job when he graduates high school.

Frankie Cortes turned 18-years-old on Friday and his long-time friend, Caleste Bricker, wanted to surprise him for his birthday.

“We’ve known each other since we were 6-years-old,” Caleste said. “It has been a long time.”

They also work together at the Special Kneads Bakery, where Caleste helps Frankie whenever he needs assistance.

Caleste surprised Frankie last night with a promposal during his birthday party at the bakery.

She said said she spent some time researching promposal ideas, when she came across the idea of asking Frankie with donuts.

Caleste gave Frankie a donut box at his party that read, “Please donut say no.” Then, when he opened the box, the donuts read “Prom?”

And Frankie said yes!

Frankie and Caleste will go to the Galva High School prom together in April. Caleste said she asked Frankie early because she wanted to do something special for his birthday.

“I wanted him to have something to remember and to hold on to,” Caleste said.

Frankie lives in Galva but goes to Geneseo High School to attend a special education program.

He received his state ID on Friday, his 18th birthday, and is still saving up his tips for a golf cart that he can drive to work.

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