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Anand Mahindra is known for his interesting posts on Twitter as he often shares stuff on his timeline that go viral almost instantly. His recent tweet proves just the same.

Mahindra took to Twitter on January 5 to post a hilarious tweet and netizens can’t stop laughing. He shared a picture of a standee-menu of a restaurant that claimed to be a ‘pure vegetarian’ eatery but the dishes listed on it…wait…why don’t you figure it out yourself?

Mahindra posted the picture with the caption, “An example of how Incredible India really is. For millennia we have known how to harness the power of mind over matter. Veg, Non-Veg, what’s the difference? It’s all in the mind.”

The terms ‘Pure Veg’ and ‘Vegetarian Spl’ were printed on the menu in a noticeable font size. However, the dishes listed below them were – Veg Fish Fry, Veg Mutton Dosa and Veg Chicken Rice.

See Anand Mahindra’s post:

Okay, then.

Netizens couldn’t stop laughing over the hilarious picture. Several Twitter users wondered about the ingredients of the dishes, while some pointed out that vegetarian mutton is actually a common thing.

Check out the reactions on the tweet here:

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