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A birthday cake mistake, has one family from Mascouche, Quebec laughing.

A local bakery made an error with their son’s birthday cake last weekend. They asked the bakery for a Toronto Maple Leafs cake, instead they received a cake with the Maple Leaf Foods logo. Oops!

Tania Lévesque, said that the bakery told her they didn’t have a Maple Leafs template on hand, so she suggested doing a Google search for the image.

Jacob’s father, Mathieu Bertrand, picked up the cake from the bakery on his way to his son’s party on Saturday when the mistake was discovered.  By the time he had discovered the mistake, it was too late.

Of course, the story has gone viral.

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There is a happy ending to this story, Maple Leaf Foods said on Monday it would send the family to a Maple Leafs game, and offered Lévesque a choice between going to Toronto or Montreal.

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