Judge John Hodgman on Eating Pizza With a Knife and Fork – The New York Times

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Paul writes: I would like to file suit against the city of Montreal. They eat pizza with a knife and fork there. A knife and fork, Your Honor! I’d like you to order Montreal to eat pizza properly, with their hands.

Every pizza is a personal pizza, and our connection to it is Proustian and deep. We’re all chasing that one perfect pizza we had that time, usually in our hometown, usually as children, so it is highly tempting to police others’ pizza choices and resent the way they eat it — especially if those people get to live in Montreal. (I see here that you live in Toronto. Sorry about that.) Knife-and-forking pizza is common enough in Italy and, the internet says, in France as well, which might explain Montreal’s practices as a bit of ancestral habit. But unless you’re running for mayor in New York, who cares? Look to your own slice for pleasure. P.S.: Also, their bagels are better. I said it.

Source: Thanks https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/09/magazine/judge-john-hodgman-on-eating-pizza-with-a-knife-and-fork.html