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imageHighlightsNew York restaurant Time Out Market has a new fancy dining conceptDinner will be served inside snuggly, cosy igloos at the rooftopThis comes with a backdrop of the New York skyline tooEating out isn’t just about the food anymore. Restaurants are now focused on more than just providing a treat for the palate; it’s more about creating an entire experience around a single meal. Whether it is through the ambience of the restaurant, the décor, or a new way of serving food – restaurateurs want every meal that is eaten at their restaurant to be etched in the diner’s memory and not just merely on their Instagram profile. Time Out Market restaurant in New York has come up with one such new concept, of dining on their rooftop inside an igloo!(Also Read: 5 Stunning and Pocket friendly Rooftop Restaurants in Delhi)Normally, the idea of dining on a rooftop restaurant during winters would send chills down the spine – but this cosy ‘Igloo lounge’ make you think otherwise. The Rooftop Iglounge of Time Out Market in New York has three of these dome-like structures that need no prior reservations required. The igloo may seem small and compact at first, but a closer look shows that it is actually a huge space that can accommodate up to eight people.Each igloo is generously endowed with blankets to cuddle up with, as well as fur-covered chairs to cozy up in. The structure of the igloo is made up entirely of plastic pipes covered with a thick plastic sheet. The igloo’s exterior is also covered with lights, which brighten up the atmosphere during the evening hours. The lights coupled with the idyllic New York skyline make the regular diner’s selfies and pictures even more picturesque.(Also Read: NYC Holiday: Why You Must Take A Food Tour In New York City)The dome-dining concept began in December, and will be on till March at least. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to head for your next vacation and want to try something different in terms of a food experience, this should definitely be on your bucket list. Comments

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