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At one point there was a growing debate over Hawaiian pizza (pineapple-topped pizza), but it slowly meltdown when celebrities like The Rock and Justin Beiber started endorsing it. Now the debate has swiftly shifted towards kiwi, yes, kiwi-topped pizza. A Danish restaurant is using the fruit, kiwi as a pizza topping and the news is grabbing a lot of eyeballs on social media for its unique combination. A Reddit user named r/shittyfoodporn shared the picture of a kiwi-topped pizza and it’s already getting a lot of negative comments. 

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The debate over the new kiwi-topped pizza is raging on social media where users are fighting hard to term the pizza as utterly bizarre, while many of them have surprisingly defended the creation. A user named ‘plsobeytrafficlights’ wrote, “i donno. i mean, this particular pizza looks bad, but I kinda want to try the combo.” Another added, “Yeah I’m curious if it would taste as to how I am imagining it, which isn’t too terrible, I suppose.” However, there were other people who thought that the idea of putting kiwi on top of a pizza is nothing but a gimmick and that it would taste extremely disgusting. 

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Strange pizzas

It’s not just pineapple and kiwi that are making people go crazy, apparently, there are hell lot of other toppings that people hate equally. For example, a restaurant in Sweden is serving a banana-topped pizza and it doesn’t end there, they also add mushrooms, peanuts and curry powder on them. Another viral creation that took the internet by storm is called Pizza Afrikana, which again is served at a Swedish restaurant. As legends say, Afrikana was created by the man who opened first pizza parlours in Sweden and just stuck any old thing anyone wanted on top of a pizza. 

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Now there is this another unknown restaurant that serves pizza with a load of duck on it. But that is not the bizarre part here, the duck pizza also has mushrooms, blackcurrants, and honey on it. The strange pizza is called ‘Pizza a la Duck’, in case anyone wants to give it a try. Why pizza with unusual toppings, especially if it’s a fruit, generates so much hostility. According to social media, it boils down to a basic truth, fruits don’t belong on pizza. 

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