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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – January 15th is National Bagel day. The chewy circular bread is a favorite for many.

“There’s nothing better than a good bagel.”

The folks at Biggi’s bakery in Bangor aren’t sure National Bagel Day counts as a real holiday, but that won’t stop them from celebrating it with some fresh ones.

Myer Taksel and Miki Macdonald are the two bakers at Biggi’s, which opened four years ago.

“We insist that they go through a slow fermentation stage overnight and what that does is greatly enhances the flavor.” says Myer.

Miki was off for the day, but Conor O’Brien was there to help. The bagels are first boiled for 30 seconds to a minute.

“So you can see that they blow up. You don’t want them to get too big. Now Conor’s gonna take them in the other room and put seeds on them.”

When asked what his role was, Conor was a little uncertain. “My title here is uhh…”

Myer interjected from the other room, “You’re the everything bagel!”

“I’m the everything bagel, I’m the first mate of the bakery I’d say.”

Conor started helping at the bakery two years ago and says it’s something he loves.

“The process is amazing. It’s such a complex and long process to produce a seemingly simple thing but when you do it you appreciate how much work goes into it.”

Myer says there’s a lot of little details. “When you get into the intimacies of bagels. Heh heh. You can get carried away.”

He says he inherited his love of baking from his mother.

“My mother was the world’s greatest baker. When we started there was only ever going to be one name for the bakery. Biggi was my mother’s nickname. She was a very tiny Jewish woman. . I never saw her not smiling in the bakery.”

Myer wants to honor her memory with every batch of fresh baked goods but he doesn’t like to think of himself as in charge.

“We just work here. Omar is the owner.”

Omar is actually a cat.

“He mostly lives upstairs.”

All joking aside, Myer says the bread is the real boss.

“It tells you what to do. And if you listen to that dough you will make excellent bread.”

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Biggi bagel, supplies are limited.

Right now you can only find them at the Bangor Farmers Market.

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