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While eating out has become more common for people, there is a growing emphasis for healthy food. With people getting more and more conscious about their health and fitness, there has been a renewed interest in ethnic food which is known for its healthy properties.

One such new restaurant which serves healthy ethnic food is Taai Singpho. A restaurant which is

based on oil less cooking, Taii Singpho is a fusion of Tai and Singpho cuisine. Most of the dishes served here are only boiled, steamed or grilled. The unique cooking technique doesn’t require any conventional spices and various kinds of herbs are used as replacements.

Located in Maniram Dewan Road near the PWD office, the Taii Singpho restaurant was initially started in Lamb Road by Rishi Raj Singha. An engineer passed out from Bangalore, he had dabbled into other venture before starting the restaurant. He recounts, “I am from a family where everyone is a foodie. Moreover everyone is passionate to try and cook various new recipes. I do like to travel to new destinations and make sure to try new cuisine whenever I can”.

Talking about the genesis of the restaurant, he says, “I was introduced to this cuisine by one of my friend couple of years ago who used to have a cook who knew how to prepare Singpho cuisine. I was completely amazed by the taste and thought if I could introduce the taste to people. That is how I thought of starting the restaurant.”

A wide range of chicken, pork and fish items are available in the restaurant. Served in ethnic flavours, the restaurant is a meat lovers delight as they are cooked in very less or negligible oil. A variety of thalis are also available. “We mainly have three types of thalis in chicken, pork and veg:

Normal Thali, Special Thali, Student Thali.”

 According to Singha, “A normal thali includes Boiled chicken/pork, chicken/pork gravy, steamed chicken/pork, chicken/pork salad, chicken/pork stick, Dal, mashed potato, chutney, tupula Bhaat (Rice in special leaf) and sweet dish”.

The restaurant has two cooks who have been specialized in Tai and Singpho cuisine and who have more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Singha feels that the less use of oil is their USP. “The main perk of our cuisine is that we don’t use any oil. Most of our food is either boiled or steamed or grilled. We also use herbs as a replacement for spices,” he says.

The restaurant has a lot of pork items in order to cater to popular demands. As he says, “We are not completely Pork oriented. We serve chicken and fish as well. However most of our customer base is more of Pork inclined”. Within a very short span of time, the restaurant has become quite popular among food lovers.

With people eating out being generally more attracted to conventional food items like Indian, Chinese, etc, the restaurant did not have any special marketing policy as such. However, the popularity of the place has spread through word of mouth. Singha says, “We feel that the best marking policy is word of mouth marketing and we are really proud that we are able to achieve that due to our constant effort to make our food and services better.”

Singha believes that Tai and Singpho needs to be experienced to love it.  “We believe that Tai and Singpho food is completely a different experience and the best way to make it popular is by trying it personally. We are pretty sure that people would love it.”

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