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JACKSON, Tenn.–Jackson Police are investigating a shooting in the parking lot of a local business.

“As far as a business owner’s concern, you hate that it happened at your establishment, but we don’t have a lot of control over it because it’s the world in which we live in right now,” owner of Back Yard Bar Be Cue Gary Christian said.

Police filled the parking lot Saturday afternoon after people exchanged gunfire in the area.

“From what I understand is, a gentleman came in the side entrance of the restaurant, came to the edge of the counter and walked back out,” Christian said, “when he walked back out to the car he was riding in, someone from behind the building, I don’t know who, started shooting at him.”

“The guy, the driver of the car he was in, started shooting at them. These people were behind the restaurant, back behind the VA,” Christian said.

He also said it happened between one thirty and two in the afternoon.

One man who lives near the restaurant said he heard several, at least eight to ten gun shots, during the shooting.

The shooting came as a surprise to customers, and employees.

“It puts innocent people in a terrible position,” Christian said, “you can’t go out and have a nice lunch without worrying about this.”

Despite this, Christian is grateful for the outcome.

No one inside the restaurant was hurt, thanks to quick thinking employees who locked up as soon as possible.

Police were seen placing a man into the back of a police car.

So far, police haven’t confirmed any information regarding the shooting.

If you have any information on the shooting, call the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

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