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The space is all sawdust and extension cords now, but the owners say it will soon be an 80-seat restaurant with a Latin flair.

QUINCY — Diners won’t have to wait much longer to try the latest eatery from the restaurateurs behind The Townshend in Quincy Center.

Slick black signs have covered the doors of 1440 Hancock St. for the last five months, but construction finally started last week inside Pearl & Lime, and owners say it could open as soon as March. The restaurant is the latest from Palmer Matthews and Devin Adams, who opened the up-scale Townshend five years ago.

“We’re really happy with all the changes in Quincy Center,” Matthews,  managing partner for Pearl & Lime, said. “We’re stoked on the direction it’s going with all this new investment. . . We’re loving it and we’ve had an eye on growing for a couple of years. One thing led to another, and this summer it all started coming together.”

Pearl & Lime got the OK from the licensing board to serve food and alcohol in September, but building permits weren’t approved until mid December. Construction started last week, and Devin said the remodeling of the former KKatie’s space will take seven or eight weeks.

The space is all sawdust and extension cords now, but Matthews and Adams say it will soon be an 80-seat restaurant with a Latin flair. Matthews — a bartender by trade — said the theme was inspired by his love of rum.

“What people really want is tacos, nachos, guac, that kind of thing,” he said. “So it also made sense to also pull in the agave spirits and really take creative license with all that Latin inspiration.”

A chef hasn’t been formally hired yet, but Matthews said the menu will include tacos, homemade guacamole, jerk chicken and handcrafted margaritas and daiquiris.

“It will talk to millennials going out to eat and people looking for fresher food,” Adams, Pearl & Lime owner, said. “People want food that’s fresh, cost effective and somewhere they can go multiple times.”

The Townshend opened in 2015 at President’s Place, one of the first new restaurants to take a chance in a Quincy Center on the cusp of transformation. The downtown area has seen more than 20 new restaurants open in the years since.

While the Townshend boats whiskey cocktails and upscale food — a scratch Bolognese goes for $26 and Faroe Island Salmon sells for $27 — Pearl & Lime will have a lower price point and a more-relaxed atmosphere, Adams said.

“A little bit of a party,” Matthews said. “What Townshend has helped to do is set a standard for us . . . It’s very much a relaxed bistro atmosphere, where this is a little more vibrant and lively.”

Pearl & Lime is located next door to the Fuji sushi restaurant at West of Chestnut. The space was initially occupied by a location of the KKatie’s burger chain, which closed in April of 2019.

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