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CHENNAI : A crispy base, oodles of cheese, savoury tomato sauce and fresh toppings — that’s all it takes to make a slice of pizza of your choice. At Ciclo Cafe, head chef Vijayravi believes that it’s just the tip of the ‘crust’ and there’s more to offer in terms of the choice of ingredients, international cuisines and methods of preparation. The World Pizza Fest being held at the cafe in Kotturpuram stands testimony to it. 

From thin crusts to open-faced pies, the menu features a selection of specially curated pizzas inspired by cuisines from eight countries. You can sample Korean Bulgogi Pizza, which delectably infuses Asian flavours; Neapolitan Pizza Frittata, which uses a thick beaten egg base on which traditional toppings are layered, and Indonesian Pizza Balado topped with spicy and hot pepper — all under one roof. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available for all pizzas.

“We’ve been having a pizza festival every year for the past four years. The menu changes every time. Even otherwise, pizzas are crowd-pullers at our cafe,” says chef Vijay, as he kneads and places three-inch-thick cornmeal dough for the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza to be baked inside a pan.Within 20 minutes, the cheese-loaded delight with crunchy edges and flaky crust is served. It resembled a pie than a pizza. “This is the most challenging one to prepare. We recommend patrons to try this one for the layers of seasonings it holds. Two bases are placed — one on top of another  — to achieve the thickness. It takes time to bake since it has layers of cheese, fillings of meat and vegetables,” he explains Vijay. 

We figured the pizza can not only satiate the appetite of two people but also works easy on the pockets. The slightly sweet pizza with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni weaves magic on the palate. We also try the vegetarian option, Sicilian Sfincione Pizza. It has a thick, crumbly crust and is topped with malfatti dumplings, which is made of spinach, mashed potato and cheese. The base is made using focaccia bread. It’s airy and light unlike the usual denser versions. The surface is generously sprinkled with cheddar and mozzarella to give it a gooey appeal.

This is a must-try for vegetarians who love cheese and mild seasonings. The dumplings can be made with meat, too. Everything is prepared fresh, based on orders. “We have plans of opening a pizzeria. The affordable menu will offer 30 varieties of pizzas, catering mainly to college students,” says Vijay as we wash down the cheesy delights with a glass of mint mojito. Happiness indeed comes in all shapes and sizes. Priced from `495 onwards. World Pizza Fest is on till February 17 at Ciclo Cafe. For details, call: 42048666

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