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We often order Pizza and expect it to make it to our door within 30 minutes. If the delivery personnel fails to deliver before the deadline, we demand it to be free.

Sparking debate on the 30 minutes delivery by Pizza outlets, Bengaluru’s Police Commissioner tweeted that it was time to understand if it was worth expecting delivery personnel to risk their lives just to stick to the delivery deadline.

IPS officer Bhaskar Rao’s tweet triggered a debate among people, asking them if they would accept a free pizza from a delivery person who failed to deliver it before the deadline. Rao urged the pizza companies to extend the deadline to 40 minutes given the risk all the delivery persons take.

“Do we have the heart to get a free pizza from a kid who is risking his life just because he crossed over 30 minutes? I am seriously considering asking Pizza companies to make it 40 minutes as these kids risk their lives by breaking all Traffic rules,” tweeted Bhaskar Rao.

Several netizens agreed with Rao and criticized delivery companies for putting pressure on their employees.

Several netizens posted supportive replies and some suggested other alternatives.

Food delivery app Swiggy also replied to a tweet which pointed out that Swiggy and Zomato delivery boys often skip signals and overspeed in order to meet the delivery deadline.

The commissioner, responding to the tweet, threatened to take action against the management next time a Swiggy delivery executive meets with an accident or gets fined for violating traffic rules.

Delivery personnel often forgo time with their families and loved ones because of their odd working hours. Additionally, they spend a large duration of their day stuck in traffic and pollution, and later also face harassment and penalties from customers for delivering the order late.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Adil, a delivery executive in Bengaluru said: “When customers get angry at us for late delivery, all we can do is apologise. However, we always try to deliver the order on time.”

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