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HighlightsPasta and soup is a simple recipe that you can try at homeIt is delicious, healthy, tasty and appetising and a complete mealThe soup combines the goodness of pasta and soup all-in-one!There’s no doubt about the fact that hot soup is the ultimate winter food champion. It’s light on the stomach, delicious to taste, and super healthy. It can be had for lunch or dinner, or even in the evenings as a light snack. For days when you are bored of the simple old soup, the noodle soup, also known as the ‘Pho’ in Vietnam, is an interesting version to try and make. And for days when even noodle soup doesn’t appeal to the senses, try pasta soup! Pasta soup combines the goodness of wheat pasta with traditional soup to give a sensational taste that will ensure soups are never the same.pbtf4td8Minestrone soup is where the concept of pasta soup started. The Italian Minestrone soup is one example which has incorporated pasta into the steaming broth of the soup. Minestrone soup is where the idea of having a pasta soup began, albeit with many other things in the broth such as fresh vegetables and meat. Whole-wheat pasta is boiled to get the perfect al dante texture, and then added to delicious and appetising soup to give an amazing taste that one didn’t even know could exist.Even if its not in the Italian Minestrone version, pasta soup can be made as a dish of its own. Pasta itself is an Italian dish that can be made with multiple sauces, which is why it goes well with any kind of soup. For instance, while making a simple tomato basil soup at home, simply add boiled penne or farfalle to the broth. Additional seasoning may be required to make sure the soup doesn’t lose its flavour. But trust us, the pasta soup is so comforting that you would not want to go back to having just plain simple soup again.(Also Read: Winter Diet: 3-Ingredient Soup To Keep You Warm This Winter (Recipe Inside))pl5oa2iPasta and soup is a healthy yet satiating meal within minutes. The benefits of having pasta soup are manifold – it fulfills your carb cravings in a healthy way, so you can eat your way to good health. Moreover, the soup obliviates the need to add unhealthy carbs such as cheese to the pasta, thus making it a healthier variant of pasta too. Pasta soup can be a wholesome, healthy meal in itself without even adding something like bread to the meal. Pasta soup is also a much easier way of making your pasta without having to worry about getting the sauce and the vegetables right – all you have to do is add it to your soup.Try this interesting recipe of a wholesome kidney bean and pasta soup. You will want to snuggle up in your comforter and have it for the rest of the winters! Comments

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