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  • A user alleged that the prices in some areas of Bengaluru are higher by more than 50%.
  • Swiggy clarified that the change in prices can be due to the restaurant’s policies.
  • Swiggy had increased the price of the ‘Swiggy Super’ recently

Swiggy users have always complained about the difference in food prices offline and online. On many instances, the users have alleged that the price that appears on the Swiggy app is usually higher than the price that is mentioned on the menu of the restaurant. Addressing the concerns of a Twitter user from Bengaluru, who had highlighted the discrepancy in prices, Swiggy issued a clarification and wrote that the change in prices can happen due to the restaurant’s policies.

“Hi Raju, we understand your concern, and would like to inform you that we’re trying to maintain transparency in our services and that extends to the pricing on the platform. However, the prices might be different online and offline as it is the sole discretion of the restaurant without any added input from our end,” Swiggy wrote on Twitter.

The user named Raju alleged that the prices in some areas of Bengaluru are higher by more than 50%.

However, Swiggy assured that they are constantly working on their app to give a hassle-free experience to their customers. They also reiterated that the change in prices is entirely the restaurants call and they don’t intervene with their policies. “We’ve also looked at pricing, however, that remains to be the restaurant’s right and we do not intervene with the same. You may witness discrepancies in the online and offline pricing which remains to be the sole prerogative of the restaurant,” Swiggy tweeted.

Earlier, Swiggy had increased the price of the Swiggy Super’ which waves off the delivery fee for its users. It was initially priced at Rs 79 per month but was changed to Rs 149. The three-month subscription plan that was priced at Rs 179 now costs a whopping Rs 349. The rise in prices was presumably due to the loses suffered by the food delivery app in FY 2018-19. As per reports, their net loss in 2019 had gone up from Rs 385 crore to Rs 2367 crore.

However, Swiggy continues to remain the leader in the food delivery business. Earlier, ride-hailing app Uber’s food delivery app Uber Eats was also in the race of food delivery business but it was acquired by Zomato a few days ago. Announcing the acquisition, Uber Eats wrote on Twitter that the app will no longer be functional in India. This came in the wake of the loses that the Uber Eats suffered in the recent past. Zomato, on the other hand, aspired to take on Swiggy by expanding its reach.

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