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An Italian restaurant in Australia cooked a giant pizza to raise money for firefighters battling the country’s extreme bushfires. According to international media reports, Pierre and Rosemary Moio, the brother-sister duo, used a conveyor oven to cook the 338-foot Margherita pizza. They both own Pellegrini’s restaurant in New South Wales and created the giant pizza using several 3-foot-ling sheets of dough that later pieced together and covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, they said that it took them more than four hours to cook the huge rectangular pizza, which was topped with fresh basil, oregano and olive oil. The restaurant then debuted the massive meal at a fair that the restaurant has put on to celebrate the record-breaking event and raise money for the NSW Rural Fire Service. The restaurant also took to Instagram with a caption that read, 

“GIVEAWAY TIME! We are giving away a $200 voucher to spend at Pellegrini’s Italian, kirrawee.
Guess how many kilos of flour we used on Sunday to make Australia’s longest pizza (100 Metres)?”

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The images of the incredible Italian favourite quickly took the internet by storm and several netizens praised the brother-sister duo for the restaurant’s philanthropic efforts. According to reports, the pizza was later cut into 4,000 slices to feed the crowd. Pierre Moio reportedly said that approximately 3,000 people showed up at the event to donate money for the firefighters, however, he added that they were not able to break the world record, but it was an event that helped make a difference raising much-needed funds. 

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Funds for Australian wildlife

In a similar effort to raise funds for the Australian wildlife, the Cincinnati Zoo tried to raise money by promoting the third birthday for its Hippopotamus Fiona. According to reports, the zoo has asked people to buy t-shirts that will directly benefit the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. The t-shirt has a photo of a Koala and a Kangaroo hugging Fiona with a caption that says “Supporting our friends down under”. 

The funds raised from selling the t-shirts will be sent to zoos located in Victoria to help them facilitate the care of all those animals who suffered in the wildfires. According to reports, the zoo will donate an additional $5,000 to the total amount raised from the sales of the t-shirts. 

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