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Communal hot pot is a thing of the past at Berkeley’s new Boileroom, which offers personal-sized burners for your own pint-sized pots. (IJ photo/Frankie Frost)

A new Telegraph Avenue restaurant is combining two crazy-popular delicacies under one roof.

At Berkeley’s Boileroom, which officially opens tomorrow, Jan. 25, you can slurp up Taiwanese hot pot and stay for dessert in the form of Thai rolled ice cream. Best part? The hot pot is personal-sized; no hovering over communal pots.

According to The Daily Californian, owner Robert Hom has been working on opening Boileroom for two and a half years. The restaurant has taken over the former Caffe Mediterraneum, a historic cafe famously featured in the movie “The Graduate.” Caffe Med closed in 2016 after six decades on Telegraph Avenue.

Hom told The Daily Californian that he plans to honor the space’s legacy — look for Caffe Med memorabilia and photos on the walls — but he also hopes that Boileroom will bring something unique and diverse to the avenue.

“A lot of the businesses here are modernizing,” Hom said. “This whole area is changing. This place needs something a little more exciting.”

And exciting it is. The restaurant offers traditional Taiwanese hot pots, like stinky tofu and curry pork, in addition to creative updates, like pumpkin milk with cheese, Japanese miso hot pot and even vegetarian options, like a mushroom-veggie tofu pot. Having your own personal burner for your pot means you don’t have to round up the troops when soup cravings hit.

Rolled ice cream flavors will include all the Asian-inspired favorites, including taro, black sesame, green tea and Thai tea. Be sure to look for seasonal flavors and a secret menu, created by employees.

Boileroom is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily at 2475 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley. Find more details on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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