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Watching a live match in a stadium is one of the best experiences. Be it a cricket match or a football match, sitting in the stadium and vibing with the entire audience is always better than watching the match on a television screen.


A recent video of a man delivering a fresh warm pizza on a bike in a stadium during a football match has been going viral. Unarguably this makes the experience of sitting in a stadium and watching the match even better.

The viral video was shared by Twitter handle wheddsta with the caption, “Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Papa John’s have delivered a pizza to someone in the stands…Games gone.”

The video is from a football match being held in Walthamstow, London between Leyton Orient and Newport County on January 25, 2020. The 4-second-clip shows a delivery bike from Papa John’s roaming on the side of the pitch delivering a fresh warm pizza to someone in the stands.

The shocking clip went viral on Twitter garnering more than 402 k views and 10.1k likes. Twitter found this video extremely hilarious and the comments in the thread are a testimony to that.

This is so cool.

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