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Critical violations are those factors leading to foodborne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.


Jan. 13

Back Forty Restaurant

1059 S. Maxwell St., Siloam Springs

Critical violations: Employee went from handling dirty dishes to handling clean dishes. Employee handled ready to eat food with bare hands. Pan of beans in the walk-in and container of cottage cheese do not have dates on them.

Noncritical violations: Some containers stored in the walk-in cooler not covered as needed. Posted retail food permit has expired.


123 U.S. 412, Siloam Springs

Critical violations: Employees not lathering for the required 10-15 seconds prior to rinsing the soap off hands. Multiple foods, turkey, ham, salami checked on the line, not at 41 degrees or below. Portioned food stored above the cold line in the pan was at 48 degrees.

Noncritical violations: None

Jan. 16

Carniceria Guanajuato

801 W. Centerton Blvd., Centerton

Critical violations: Salsas red and green and fresh guacamole not labeled.

Noncritical violations: None


1625 U.S. 412 West, Siloam Springs

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Ice buildup on the freezer unit.

Harps Deli-Bakery

710 W. Centerton Blvd., Centerton

Critical violations: Handwashing sink in back not accessible, no disposable towels. Handwashing sink in front, no soap, towels or ADH signage. Shredded chicken and fish in the walk-in cooler not date-marked. Freezer has a buildup of ice causing water to drip from the plastic doorway, as well as the ceiling onto packaged food. Multiple nonfood-contact surfaces have a buildup of dust and food residue.

Noncritical violations: None

Harps Food Store

710 W. Centerton Blvd., Centerton

Critical violations: Ice buildup in old walk-in freezer. Ice leak, repeat violation.

Noncritical violations: None

Joe Mathias Elementary

1609 N. 24th St., Rogers

Critical violations: Quart sanitizer bucket above 400 ppm.

Noncritical violations: None

Little Feet Street

110 Shane Drive, Centerton

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Commercial can opener needs to be cleaned.

Miss Saigon Pho

310 S. Walton Blvd., Bentonville

Critical violations: Container of shrimp in handwashing sink. Multiple food items (raw chicken, carrots) in the walk-in cooler were uncovered and sugar in the dry storage uncovered. Slicers in kitchen have an accumulation of food residue and debris. Noodles at 70 degrees and pork at 68 degrees in plastic container on food prep surface. Cooler for pho toppings not holding food at 41 degrees and below. Cut jalapenos were at 46 degrees, and Thai basil was at 45 degrees. Cardboard boxes of food in contact with ice on bottom of walk-in freezer.

Noncritical violations: Floor of walk-in freezer is in bad repair. Most of the floor is covered in ice or cardboard. Walls, floors, shelves and sides of equipment have a buildup of dirt and grease, particularly in the areas that are hard to see. Dry storage floor has an accumulation of dirt and food residue. Trash can being used near walk-in freezer has a large hole in it. Back door to kitchen is in bad repair. Seals/curtains have been put in place, but additional seal needs to be put at the bottom of the door.

Short Stop

18440 Marshall St., Garfield

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Permit is not on display in customer view.

The Short Stop

18440 Marshall St., Garfield

Critical violations: Missing paper towels and soap at handwashing sink.

Noncritical violations: None

Jan. 17

YW Poke

3511 S.E. J St., Bentonville

Critical violations: None

Noncritical violations: Need sanitizer and test strips; print off parasite destruction letter to keep on file; and consumer advisory needs to be posted along with menu before opening.

The following establishments had no violations this reporting period:

Jan. 13 — Reagan Elementary, 3904 W. Olive St., Rogers; Rogers Grace Hill Elementary, 901 N. Dixieland Road, Rogers; Sunshine School and Development, 3400 N. Woods Lane, Rogers; Walgreens, 4206 W. New Hope Road, Rogers

Jan. 14 — Pure Nutrition Bentonville, 201 S.W. 14th St., Suite 106, Bentonville; Sonic, 201 N. Curtis, Pea Ridge; Subway, 281 Townsend Way, Pea Ridge

Jan. 15 — Benton County Juvenile Detention Center, 1301 Melissa Drive, Suite 1, Bentonville; Dollar General Store, 404 First Ave. N.E., Gravette; Littlefield Express, 2410 S.W. 14th St., Bentonville; Pizza Hut, 306 E. Centerton Blvd., Centerton; Sonic, 2502 S.E. 14th St., Bentonville; Subway, 2610 S.E. 14th St., Bentonville

Jan. 16 — Garfield School, 18432 Marshall St., Garfield; Greer Lingle Middle School, 901 N. 13th St., Rogers; Walmart Market Food Store, 935 S. Holly St., Siloam Springs

Jan. 17 — Cabela’s, 2300 Promenade Blvd., Rogers; Pea Ridge Intermediate School, 1536 N. Davis St., Pea Ridge; Target Cafe, 2404 Promenade Blvd., Rogers; Walgreen’s, 2503 W. Pleasant Grove, Rogers

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