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We launched a new annual package earlier this month called Where to Eat in 2020. It is exactly what you imagine it to be: a list of all the exciting dining destinations that should be on your radar this year. Since we publish guides and maps to hundreds of international dining destinations from locals on the ground around the world, we basically tapped into the vast network of Eater freelancers and challenged them to make a case for their city/region/favorite place. Some locations were chosen because the city or region is getting new investment ahead of a big event (Milwaukee). Other food scenes seem too good to last much longer (George Town, Malaysia). Some old favorites are seeing a culinary resurgence because of new infrastructure (Marseille, France).

Personally, I am going to have to live vicariously for the rest of the year, because I took my big international vacation last week. My destination: a wedding in sunny Oaxaca, Mexico. It turns out to be exactly as wonderful as you imagine (or know) it to be. I was never a mole obsessive, but holy shit do they do it right down there. Having a mole alongside an excellent mezcal in an open terrace as night falls in Oaxaca is an experience that will stay with me for a long time. Of course, I did the thing we all do when we come back from a great food trip: I ordered mole in New York and was predictably disappointed.

By the way, I did not realize chef Enrique Olvera owns a restaurant in Oaxaca with a very excellent back patio perfect for weddings. They roasted a whole pig for the wedding dinner and turned the leftovers into midnight carnitas tlayudas (!). Engaged couples take note.

Low drapes and big plants show off a long dining room.

Maximalist LA newcomer Olivetta
Wonho Frank Lee

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