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  • Eating the prepared foods sold at grocery chains is a life changer for many time-strapped people.
  • Both Whole Foods and Wegmans have put great effort into developing their prepared foods sections, and they pride themselves on the work of their in-house chefs.
  • I tried prepared foods from both chains to see which one is better. 
  • Not only was Wegmans’ menu much more diverse, it also had more restaurant-standard options. However, both of the grocers served some disappointing dishes.
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Demand for food that is both tasty and convenient is booming, and many supermarket chains are seizing the opportunity. 

Whole Foods, the national chain focused on natural and locally sourced goods, and Wegmans, the East Coast chain with a cult following, are both putting great effort into the competition. For example, Whole Foods in December teamed up with award-winning chef Michael Solomonov to create a Hanukkah menu, and it has brought popular dishes from local restaurants into stores. Wegmans has curated a culinary talent development program and offered meal pickup and delivery services.

I went to a Whole Foods and a Wegmans in Brooklyn, New York, to see which one offers better ready-to-eat foods. The Wegmans location had a much more spacious and diverse prepared food section, with specific subareas dedicated to cuisines including Asian food, sushi, chicken wings, and Mediterranean food. The Whole Foods area was more cramped and generically separated. 

I went to both stores with just $15 in hand, trying seven dishes at Whole Foods and eight at Wegmans. Though quite a few of them were disappointing, Wegmans would be the place I’d hit up again for restaurant-quality options — three in particular.

Here’s how my meals compared:

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