Bakery sends 53 cakes to Republican senators in plea to let Bolton testify – The Guardian

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They say food is the key to a man’s heart, which may have spurred on the feminist bakers who sent all 53 (mostly male) Republican senators cakes, begging them to let John Bolton testify in Trump’s impeachment trial.

“We don’t count calories, we count on you. Let Bolton testify,” reads one.

Another says: “We got you this cake so you won’t have pie on your face.”

Bolton’s upcoming book reveals how Trump personally told him he wanted to make military aid to Ukraine conditional on an investigation into the Bidens. The White House has already attempted to block the book from being released, and fears have been mounting that Bolton will not be allowed to testify. So these Brooklyn bakers wanted to try to sweeten the deal.

One of the Butter and Scotch cakes.

Keavy Landreth, the owner of New York’s Butter and Scotch bakery and bar, called it a “fun new way to protest”. She said hopes the cakes might kill the senators with kindness: “With this adorable sheet cake that reminds you of your third birthday, you’d think part of their icy hearts would melt a little. Who couldn’t feel something looking at it?”

For Landreth, to let Bolton testify is a matter of moral necessity and international reputation. “We just want them to see the light, to see beyond their little DC bubble and know the world is watching.”

The cake idea came about through a GoFundMe campaign set up by Colin Bishopp, the executive director for clean-energy advocacy group Pace. He raised $6,700 for the stunt, and then reached out to the activist bakers to decorate them. Having only agreed to hop on board on Monday, Landreth said getting the cakes iced and shipped in time was a logistical nightmare. But they loved the idea so much that they couldn’t refuse the challenge.

‘Don’t dessert the truth.’

Since sending out the cakes yesterday, the bakers have received hundreds of emails thanking them. Landreth has been posting snippets of these messages on Instagram with Republican senators tagged in, in an attempt to ramp up the pressure.

Asked what message she would give to Republican senators if she could, Landreth said: “Please vote in your right mind. This could be your chance to blow everyone away and do something for good instead of evil.”

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