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Pasta might be categorised as fast food in India prepared in white sauce and red sauce. And this might come to you as a surprise but pasta is actually a staple in some countries. After Italy discovered this scrumptious dish, many countries tried making pasta in different ways. Here are some authentic pasta dishes to try.

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Dishes made from pasta


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The Spanish Fideo comes under one of the authentic pasta dishes inspired by an Arabic dish. Spanish Fideo actually looks like a stunted string of spaghetti which is traditionally served as a paella. It is also commonly known as vermicelli and is made using seafood, the meat of different vegetables.

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Orzo looks like a rice dish but it actually is pasta. The small grain size pasta is usually served along with stews and soups. Recently, they have been started serving it as a pasta salad. Orzo is said to be one of the popular dishes for midweek meals.

Spaghetti and Meatballs-America

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Although Pasta might be Italian cuisine, America serves a large variety of pasta fusion dishes. The raw ingredients in America and Itali are almost similar. One of the most popular authentic pasta dishes in America is the Spaghetti with meatballs.

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Pad Thai- Thailand

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People often get confused between Asian noodles and Italian pasta. The two have similar ingredients and also look similar. There are many restaurants that serve authentic pad thai pasta dish, but Thailand is the one to discover it.


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One of the most popular dishes made from pasta is Sorrentinos from Argentina. Pasta vendors pack the street with their special pasta dishes. Sorrentino’s resemble an oversized ravioli that can be stuffed with meat or cheese and cream sauce. Argentina proudly boasts to be preparing traditional Italian dishes.  

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