Worcester family’s food poisoning ‘hell’ after eating ‘out-of-date sausages from Asda’ – Worcester News

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A FAMILY say they were all given food poisoning, with the mum ending up in hospital, after eating out-of-date sausages they had bought from Asda in Worcester.

But Asda has not admitted that the sausages were out of date.

Norkio Luczack and Rafal Paluszczak bought the sausages as part of a weekly shop on February 6 and ate them straight away, along with their three children.

The Worcester couple, who are due to be married next weekend, say they didn’t realise that one packet was out of date by almost two months until they started feeling ill that evening and checked the best before date.

Mr Paluszczak, 39, said the days after they ate the sausages were “hell”, and that his partner, Miss Luczack, ended up in hospital.

Worcester News:

He said: “We were all so ill, we were queuing for the bathroom, five people and only one bathroom. There was sick everywhere – it was like something out of a nightmare.

“The children have all been off school, our four-year-old has been especially ill. I have had to take time off to stay home with them and have lost out on a week’s wages.

“It is not what we needed right before our wedding. We are praying we will all be okay for the big day. We are still recovering, all the children have had stomach pain, sweating and vomiting.

“I have been going to the toilet 10-15 times a day. my partner has had to be hospitalised for tests – she has kidney problems and has to be extra careful with things like this.”

The couple claim they went into Asda to complain but were offered little to no help.

Miss Luczack, 34, said: “I have lived in Worcester for eight years and regularly shop at Asda with no issue. However, this has been awful, I feel like we have been treated appallingly. We have been offered no apologies or anything.

“This shouldn’t have happened – when I went in and spoke with a store manager he offered me a refund and then took the out-of-date sausages off the shelf in front of me. It is not on. No one was interested in how we feel or how the children are.

“This could happen to anyone, food poisoning is especially dangerous for young children or the elderly.”

Worcester News:

An Asda spokesman said: “We monitor all of the stock in our stores to ensure that our products on our shelves are in date and as soon as Miss Luczak made our store aware of her complaint, our store manager accompanied her to our shelves to reassure her there were no out of date products on sale, before offering her a goodwill gesture in recognition of her unhappiness.

“We’ll continue to investigate what could have happened here and wish Ms Luczak and her fiancé every happiness for their wedding.”

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