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Hello! This week we play some creepy demos, learn about the new Division 2 expansion, find out what’s hidden in the files of Pokemon Home, watch Fred Flintstone eat too much and cut up some disturbingly real-looking cakes.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

I never thought about how Fallout 4‘s VATS system could be an accessibility feature. A wonderful post that will make you think about games in a slightly different way.

I miss demo discs. Playing random games, some of which I had never heard of, was always a thrill. And a bit scary. This collection of small indie games aims to recreate that experience and succeeds.

The newest Pokemon is looking…a bit different.

I remember a friend took his Gameboy Advance SP and chucked down the stairs. It hit the ground hard. He then picked it up and started playing something. He did this a lot. It never broke.


Imagine living with someone who is this good at making cakes look like real objects. Could you even trust anything in your own home anymore?

Kids, stop tiktoking and start tiktaaliking.



Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

I want this game to be good. I like superheroes and I love Crystal Dynamics. So, hoping for the best.

This is the first Call Of Duty in a long time that I haven’t touched or played at all. And this trailer…isn’t convincing me to change that.

It’s weird, but I’m excited to get back to NYC and see what’s been going on since I last saw it in the first game.

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