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Waste and Recycling Bins

Waste management is a key factor when it comes to pest management since pests are attracted to leftover food and trash odors. As trash piles up, it creates damp, dark places for pests to make their new home. Add uncleaned spills left in and around trash cans leave sticky residues, making these spaces all the more enticing for pests.

These nestled hideaways are the perfect shelters for cockroaches and rodents. And once in your restaurant, they can spread diseases to your patrons such as E. coli and Salmonella. To keep these hiding spaces to a minimum, wash down trash cans and recycling bins regularly to clean up any food debris, and don’t forget about the dumpsters. Consider working with a waste management provider to empty and rotate the dumpsters on a set schedule, eliminating pest hideouts.

In addition, lingering smells make waste the perfect attractant for unwanted pests like flies and gnats. To help restrict these smells, line trash cans and cover them with tightly sealed lids. Emptying trash cans at least daily will also reduce the potential to attract pests. Take further precaution by positioning dumpsters as far from the building as possible and ensuring all trash makes it inside the dumpster.

Beyond a nuisance, a pest infestation can create a health crisis, since many pests can transmit pathogens and allergens that can make people sick. Not to mention customers have a zero tolerance for visible pest presence. Restaurant owners need to be aware of the risk that comes with neglecting to check these pest hot spots, as well as proper prevention techniques to help protect residents, and ultimately, their bottom line.

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