Malaika Arora Has A ‘Vegan Pizza Kinda Day’ But She Loves Her Biryani Too – NDTV Food

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HighlightsMalaika Arora recently turned vegan and her stories are proofThe actress shared a picture of a vegan pizza in her Instagram storyShe is also a die-hard biryani fan as can be seen in her Instagram storyMalaika Arora recently went public about her decision to go vegan. The fittest celebrity has been experimenting with the vegan diet for a couple of months now. Her diet primarily consists of vegetable-based food that is simple and home cooked. She had revealed in an Instagram story about how turning vegan changed her life, and how experimenting with vegan food was a challenge but so worth it. She took her vegan journey a step forward with a vegan pizza that was made of a number of colourful veggies. Take a look:viif621“It’s a vegan pizza kinda day. Thank you. I wiped my plate clean. So yummmm,” wrote Malaika Arora sharing the click of the vegan pizza. The pizza had layers and layers of veggie goodness of different colours. It is said that the more colours you add to your plate, the better the nutritional quality and health benefits of the meal. Malaika Arora’s vegan pizza was definitely in keeping with this principle of making the diet colourful. There were leafy greens, grated orange carrots, red beetroots and mashed paste too. All this made the vegan pizza delectable to look at and probably even more delicious to taste.Malaika Arora’s vegan journey has been talked about quite a lot, she has a soft corner for the biryani too. A recent Instagram story by the actress featured her love for biryani with a poem written Instagram poetry-style, dedicated to the rice dish. “Biryani I must eat. Not to feed my tummy, but to feed my soul,” declared the poem. Malaika Arora shared the story with the #LoverOfBiryani.c3glb86oWhile Malaika Arora has days when she swears by her vegan pizza, there are others when she simply can’t do without her biryani. Kudos to the actress to balancing both sides to her foodie side with equal fervour! Comments

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