Huron Mountain Bakery plans to set a fatty record this Tuesday –

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Huron Mountain Bakery staff have been busy baking the popular Polish pastry, the paczki, since 3:00 a.m. Monday morning in preparation for Mardi Gras.

General Manger Kevin Johnston explained what a paczki is.

“It’s basically kind of a donut, but it’s a Polish donut. It has more butter, more shortening in it and has more sugar and eggs in it,” said Johnston. “It’s a richer formula than a normal donut.”

Last Fat Tuesday, Huron Mountain Bakery sold out of 16,000 paczkis between their Marquette and Ishpeming locations. They plan to surpass that by baking and selling more this year.

The bakery said it takes 26 hours to bake all the pastries, which includes 14 batches and ten different flavors.

Along with selling paczki for Fat Tuesday, the popular Mardi Gras king cakes are also available.

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