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It’s not unusual for chain restaurants to abruptly close, but this week’s disappearance of Curry House Japanese Curry and Spaghetti was particularly mysterious.

Not only did have all of its locations shut down, it’s vanishing from the internet. Its website is down. So is the website of Food Management Partners, an investment firm linked to it, except for a home page and an email contact link.

Newsweek has the most complete account of the closures on its website. It reports that restaurant staff members were informed when they reported to work on Monday.

Curry House specialized in Japanese cuisine in a handful of locations in Los Angeles and Orange counties. According to a still-existing Facebook page, they were in Los Angeles, Torrance, Cypress, Gardena, Puente Hills and Monterey Park, plus one up north in Cupertino.

Three years ago, the chain earned some social media cred by putting the face of Sanrio’s Gudetama, a cartoon character representing a lazy egg, on its egg yolk dishes.

The phone number on the Facebook page was down. Food Management Partners, based in San Antonio, had an operational phone number, but a message left with its marketing department was not answered at press time.

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