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A delivery executive of a leading pizza outlet in the city and his three other associates were apprehended by the city police after they reportedly circulated a woman customer’s number after she scolded him for delayed delivery.

The victim, Gayathri Sainath, 40, a child artist in the Mani Ratnam film Anjali, willingly revealed her identity in order to send a message to other young women to be careful while using the mobile application for food delivery. She is now a fashion designer.

On February 9, she ordered pizza online using a mobile application. After a while, the delivery executive of the pizza outlet repeatedly called her complaining that he could not locate the address. While she was guiding him over the phone on the direction to her house, he was rude to her.

Ms. Gayathri explained, “I asked him whether he was not aware of the location of the house as he was delivering pizza every week and hence could be familiar with the location.

He retorted very rudely asking me if I wanted the pizza or not. I was shocked by his reply.”

She remained patient as her children were hungry. After he finally delivered the food, she questioned him and a minor quarrel ensued. She managed to take a picture of him and he left the place after delivery.

“Two days later, I received a flurry of unwanted/nuisance calls from unknown persons. I did not take half of those calls. Four of them spoke in an obscene manner. One of the callers asked whether I was a sex worker. I was aghast at the call and shouted back at him. The caller apologised for his mistake. I was curious to know on how my number was circulated”, said Ms. Gayathri.

Then, one of the callers disclosed that her number was circulated on a WhatsApp group of a pizza delivery executive’s collegemates, describing her in badlight. Following an enquiry, the All Women Police, Teynampet, nabbed the pizza delivery executive Parameshwaran and his three friends.

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