Walnut Hills’ Fireside Pizza Collaborates with Oriental Wok on a Crab Rangoon Pizza – Cincinnati CityBeat

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Fireside PizzaCrab Rangoon PizzaPhoto via Facebook.com/FiresidePizzaTwo local eateries have collaborated on one very important culinary creation — the Crab Rangoon Pizza. 

Fireside Pizza recently partnered with chefs Guy Burgess and Susanna Wong from Oriental Wok, one of their “absolute favorite restaurants in the world,” on the innovative fusion pie. 

The pizza is made with a base of Oriental Wok crab rangoon filling and provolone and mozzarella cheese, then it’s topped with crispy wonton skins, green onions and Oriental Wok’s Volcano Sauce after baking. 

The pizza is only available in a small and costs $13. According to the pizzeria, it will likely be available until the beginning of April.

Fireside Pizza, 773 E. McMillan St., Walnut Hills.

Source: Thanks https://www.citybeat.com/food-drink/the-dish/blog/21119232/walnut-hills-fireside-pizza-collaborates-with-oriental-wok-on-a-crab-rangoon-pizza