Trump rips ‘dirty’ Bloomberg for manhandling pizza, licking fingers in viral video gross-out – New York Post

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He’s been taking a licking in 2020 Democratic primary race — but Michael Bloomberg can give one out too.

In a video that went viral Tuesday, the former New York mayor turned White House hopeful was caught manhandling a slice of pizza at a campaign stop, putting it back in the box, then licking his fingers.

Even President Trump took notice of the stomach-churning display, tweeting the video with a shot at the potential 2020 rival he calls “Mini Mike.”

“Mini Mike, don’t lick your dirty fingers,” wrote the president. “Both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself!”

In the undated 14-second clip, Bloomberg is seen reaching into a box of pizza, grabbing a slice and ripping off the crust.

He then pops part of the severed slice into his mouth while putting the rest back into the box — before popping all five of his fingers into his mouth in succession.

To somehow make things worse, Bloomberg then used the same hand to touch the top of what appears to be a communal container of coffee, just before the clip cuts out.

The video caught fire amid widespread national concerns over the deadly coronavirus, and —seemingly — commonsense hygiene steps to prevent its spread.

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