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Cookbook author Shauna Sever is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a few of her favorite sweet recipes from her book, “Midwest Made: Big, Bold Baking from the Heartland.” She shows us how to make a sticky caramel apple cake, a powdered doughnut cake and crispy butterscotch rice treats.

Caramel Apple Dapple Cake

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Apple dapple cakes appear in many mid-century cookbooks and they all seem to offer some little interesting riff on the concept of a cake so moist it’s basically damp. It’s packed with enough apple chunks to create a rippled effect on the surface of the cake, all the better to catch puddles of a simple powdered sugar icing. This version with the addition of coffee in the batter and a buttery brown sugar glaze, tempers the sweetness of both the cake and the fruit and makes it awfully hard to stop at just one square.

Donut Loaf

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This loaf is the sort of taste sensation belying its appearance. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has eaten this modest-looking cake and exclaimed with wonder that it indeed tastes like a giant powdered sugar donut. And as my friend, the brilliant cookbook writer Kate Leahy, noted while testing it, “I completely underestimated the role nutmeg plays in making something donut-flavored.”


Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Scotch-a-roos are the very definition of Midwestern excess. The best ones are reminiscent of a slab of sticky, gooey, crunchy candy bar filling, glossed over with a truffle-like chocolate and butterscotch topping. They’re a classic that works for any celebration. Helps keep dentists in business, too.

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